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Meet our Ragdolls

At our breeding facility in Alexander, AR, we've been dedicated to raising top-quality Ragdoll kittens for over 17 years. Our pedigree includes purebred, healthy Ragdolls with exceptional temperaments. When it comes to finding the best Ragdoll kittens for sale, look no further.

When choosing a Ragdoll cat breeder, the key is to find kittens with exceptional personalities and robust health, ensuring they seamlessly integrate into your family. Look no further than Dream Ragdolls, your trusted source for Ragdoll kittens for sale in Arkansas. Our kittens boast incredible personalities and come from purebred, healthy parents, guaranteeing a perfect fit for your home.

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Ragdoll cats come in a variety of colors and patterns. The traditional Ragdoll colors are seal, blue, chocolate, lilac, and a variation of these colors with tabby patterns (seal lynx, blue lynx, chocolate lynx, and lilac lynx). Additionally, Ragdolls can have three distinct patterns: colorpoint, mitted, and bicolor.

  • Colorpoint: This pattern features darker colors on the ears, face, paws, and tail, with a lighter body color.
  • Mitted: Mitted Ragdolls have darker points on the ears, face, and tail, but they also have white “mittens” on their front paws and white boots on their back legs.
  • Bicolor: Bicolor Ragdolls have a white inverted “V” shape on their face, a white belly, and white paws. They also have darker points on their ears, face, and tail.

These colors and patterns can occur in various combinations, leading to a wide array of appearances among Ragdoll cats. Keep in mind that breed standards and accepted colors might vary slightly among different cat breed registries.



Meet Ellie, our exceptionally stunning seal point female! She is full of light and has consistently been an incredible momma. It’s hard not to fall in love with her bright personality and aura. Ellie’s kittens are always full of spunk with beautiful markings and colors.


Ellie’s Kittens, Dad: Thorin – Litter was born 6/26/2023



Meet Jewels, our chocolate mitted ragdoll momma. With her energetic and spunky demeanor, she has brought an extra spark to our cattery! Jewels is the perfect blend of sass and grace. Her kittens are gorgeous and always vary in color.


Jewels Kittens, Dad: Thorin – Litter was born 5/27/2023

  • Ian – male (Available) 
  • Indie – female (SOLD)
  • Irvin – male (SOLD) 
  • Isabel – female (SOLD)
  • Issac – male (Available) 
  • Ivy – female (SOLD) 
  • Isla – female (Available)


Meet Violet, this gorgeous girl is a very unique tortie point ragdoll. Violet is very quiet and gentle. She never fails to amaze us with her kittens, as she always has such different coats and colors in her litters.


Violet’s Kittens, Dad: Windsor – Litter was born 5/8/2023

  • Hadley – female (SOLD) 
  • Hallie – female (SOLD) 
  • Harley – female (SOLD)
  • Haven – female (SOLD)
  • Hazel – female (SOLD) 
  • Honey – female (SOLD)


Meet Jade, the sweetest and most loving momma cat you could ever dream of! Jade is a blue mitted ragdoll. She is the sweetheart of our cattery. Whether it’s people, kittens, or even dogs, she gives an abundance of love to anyone who crosses her path! She also has the most stunning, smokey color.


Jade’s Kittens, Dad: Thorin – Litter was born 4/16/2023

  • Graham – male (SOLD) 
  • Grayson – male (SOLD) 
  • Griffin – male (SOLD) 
  • Gwen – female (SOLD)


Meet Natasha, she is a blue lynx bicolor. She is known for her warm and nurturing nature, always ready to shower her kittens with affectionate cuddles and love!  And her sweetness with people is simply irresistible – whether it’s a comforting nudge, a gentle purr, or a loving head bump, she knows just how to make our heart melt.


Natasha’s Kittens, Dad: Thorin – Litter was born 6/12/2023



Meet Nina, she is a blue bicolor and the epitome of elegance. Nina is graceful and easy-going. We fell in love with her gentle spirit and kind demeanor. Her kittens are just as beautiful and loving as she is!


Nina’s Kittens, Dad: Thorin – Litter was born 5/14/2023



Introducing the captivating charm of one of our sires, Thorin! He is a gorgeous blue lynx bicolor. Thorin is a social butterfly, always seeking interaction and attention from his human companions. With a magnetic energy, he effortlessly captures the admiration of anyone in his presence!



Meet Windsor, he is a stunning seal point male! He is the heart of our cattery with his sweet and silly personality. Windsor is curious, intelligent, and extremely loving. He has proven time and time again that his kittens are beyond stunning.

Ready for your dream Ragdoll kitten?