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Are your Ragdoll kittens litter box trained?

Absolutely! Our Ragdoll kittens are highly intelligent and come pre-trained in the art of using a litter box. All you need to do is introduce them to the litter box location and gently guide them to it a few times on their first day to ensure they remember its location.

Do you offer shipping and delivery service for your Ragdoll kittens?

Certainly! We provide shipping services for your kitten to any destination within the United States. We offer both air and ground shipping options, with costs varying based on your location and the chosen shipping method. On average, shipping fees typically range between $100 to $300. Alternatively, you are also welcome to arrange for a personal pick-up if you prefer.

Are your Ragdoll kittens accustomed to being around dogs?

Absolutely! At our facility, we raise Corgis, as well as have Jack Russels and Chihuahuas. All of our kittens and dogs are familiar with each other’s company and genuinely enjoy each other’s presence.

Our Ragdolls are all:

  • TICA qualified
  • Vaccinated
  • Microchipped
  • Dewormed
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